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What If 11 Of The Net's Top Dating & Seduction Experts Could Show You...

THEIR own power system to redesign yourself and make hot, sexy women who wouldn't look at you before, to stop dead on their tracks and instantly flock to you like bees to honey...
How to eliminate every roadblock you have to dating… removing all of the fear, shyness, hesitation, and negativity you have and replacing them with an easily learned charisma that women will LOVE to be around... no matter how old you are or what you look like.
How to walk into any bar, club, party or any other social gathering and leave with the night's greatest 'star' attractions by just uttering a few 'secret' little words to them with total ease...
How to systematically and effectively build rapport from being "just friends" to sexy talk within minutes of application.
What are the best conversation starters, and what topics to avoid at all cost to make every conversation you have a magical experience - so that she will never be bored talking to you again.
How to make that girl you really, REALLY want to fall head over heels for you no matter what your prior relationship was before this (whether she's JUST a friend or someone you've just met on the streets, it does NOT matter anymore)...
How to avoid those deeply embarrassing silences during conversations and become an excellent conversationalist that women of all shapes, sizes and age would love spending time & talking to irrespective of your age, looks and income...

(And a whole lot more!)

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Are You Just Sick And Tired Of:

  • Beautiful, gorgeous looking women passing you by without even giving you a second glance?
  • Getting turned down or rejected for no apparent reason by a woman whenever you tried to ask her out?
  • How the same few average even (horrible) looking guys seem to get all the 'right' & great girls when you can't even get any?
  • Feeling all nervous, wussy-like and scared to approach a woman because you just weren't sure of exactly what to say to her?
  • Being the boring lil' guy, feeling all alone or having to settle for ugly or average looking women?

"You Are Not Alone..."

It seems the only guys who are getting 'lucky' these days are the ones who know something you don't.


Between you and me, let me tell you a secret...

I too was a total LOSER when it comes to women - sucked at it...

... big time! 

My friends used to howl with laughter at my pick up attempts. There was no place where a woman was safe from my desperate advances - bars, clubs, night-classes, parties, dinners. Oh man I was awful! 

Searching for a woman used to be a full time job for me!

Not at all satisfied with my current state, I went online in search for information and to my horror, there were literally hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of sites online claiming to teach you THEIR ultimate secrets for success with women. 

Who in Spiderman's name was I supposed to listen to then?

"With That In Mind..."

I was on a mission. 

Fed up of being labeled a LOSER, I was determined to do something about it. 

I wanted to learn every single detail there was to know about being successful with women

On top of that, I am one who ONLY wants to learn from people who have proven themselves worthy of teaching others - not just any Tom, Dick and Harry who promises you the moon and the sky but gives you nothing but excuses at the very end...

I wanted my 'gurus' (whoever they may be) to prove to me that all that they've been teaching would actually work in the REAL world and not just in any fantasy la la land.

In short, I wanted to be the BEST there was.

"And To Be The Best, I Knew I Had To Learn From The BEST... BUT With A Certain Twist!"

So here’s what I did...

I posed a challenge  to virtually all the so-called self-proclaimed “experts” out there:

Hey [Guru Name],

You suddenly find yourself weighing in at over 200 pounds, looking every inch of a nerdy geek with the thick glasses/pimples and everything, you are short -- 5ft 4" to be exact, had never dated a single girl in your lifetime, you are EXTREMELY shy... AND to top it all off, you're left with barely a 100 bucks in your pocket!

Other than your vast dating knowledge, you're nothing but a complete 'reject' when it comes to dating women! 

Now, what would be your 28 most surefire, [killer] techniques you can quickly and easily use to land ANY one of the hottest, sexiest, most gorgeous women around to quickly redeem your pride and prove yourself?

I gave these ‘experts’ a deadline to respond to. Many agreed to participate.  

 -- 11 of them to be exact.

I almost fell off my chair when their replies came in! Who in the right mind would ever take up such an absurd and bizarre challenge? 

Their name, their credibility that they've taken so hard to build over the years were literally  on the line here!

Now bear in mind that I did issue some really tough conditions that they had to work under, and I was quite sure that they would fail pretty miserably at the end

... at least that was what I thought would be the case anyway...

Little did I know I was in for a big, BIG surprise...

*Ping*!  The First Email Came In... 

It was the very first submission from one of the more well-known dating experts around.

I clicked and opened the mail and the first sentence immediately grabbed my attention.

Hmm...I went on to the next sentence... and this led me to the next...

and the next...




As corny as it may sound

... I tell you, honest to goodness, by the time I was done with the submission, my mouth was open wider than the North Pole, and all I could do was to stare blankly at my bedroom walls, looking every inch like a dumbfounded wooden dummy -- I was stunned speechless! 

... THUNDERSTRUCK was the word! 

Because what he wrote inside the email just hit me -- SMACK in the head! 

It made me realize the MANY things that I've been doing wrong all along whenever I'm with beautiful, sexy women. 

No wonder I failed all the time! 

"You'll Have To See It To Believe It..."

No hype, no BS, just solid, powerful information that will instantly transform your whole perception on dating and attracting women forever!

One things' for sure. It definitely wasn't the same 'ol bunch of rehashed material that you see all over the internet nowadays. 

His ideas, tips, techniques were all very subtle, perceptive yet  amazingly powerful in its own right. It just plain made sense 

-- and was surprisingly easy!  

No doubt I was taken aback, but nevertheless I still wasn't fully convinced

"Let's try the next one, this was probably a fluke, I thought to myself..." 

"It Brought Me Down To My Knees!" 

I tell you, going through the rest of the submissions that came in soon after, I was BLOWN AWAY by the "28 power tips" they've each provided

... if not all!

There I was,  searching desperately for any potential loopholes to poke fun off but in the end I had to to give it to these people. I was wrong -- so, so wrong!

These guys really knew what they were talking about. And they knew them exceptionally well! The answers they gave were so perfectly perceptive and ingenious in their own special way. Simply flawless. 

Try taking up a challenge as mine, try coming up with the many thought-provoking answers that you'll see here in this book 

-- I felt like a fool trying to go against them!

To use the word "genius" to describe the 28 tips/techniques they've each submitted in this book will almost be an "insult" to them.  They truly deserve the tags

-- "The Ultimate Masters of Seduction!"

An extraordinary 'Inside Look' into the minds of 11 Hugely Successful Dating & Attraction Experts on the Planet!

If you've been online long enough, you could easily tell that there are tons of sites out there claiming to teach you their 'ultimate' secrets to having unbelievable success with women.  But you have to realize that those information; they were normally written by 1 person. 

Over here, you get the whole she-bang! 

You see, for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to gain access to the minds of not 1, not 5, but 11 of the community's brightest minds in the field of seduction and dating techniques! People with phenomenal dating expertise and experience, such as the multi best-selling authors:

Dating Expert #1: Michael W
Author of the best-selling "The Dating Wizard: Secrets To Success With Women"                                                         
Dating Expert #2: Ian McNeice
Chief writer of the massively popular dating site
Dating Expert #3: Carlos Xuma
Author of the best-selling "The Dating Black Book: The Dating Truth For Men
Dating Expert #4: Brian Caniglia
Author of the best-selling "Dating Stacker Program"
Dating Expert #5: Thundercat
Author of the best-selling "Art of Approaching"
Dating Expert #6: Clayton Eugene
Author of the best-selling "The Online Dater's Guide"
Dating Expert #7: Mike Pilinski
Author of the best-selling "Without Embarrassment"
Dating Expert #8: Christopher Gregory
Author of the best-selling "Topless Secrets: The Insiders Guide To Seducing Topless Dancers"
Dating Expert #9: Elena Petrova
Media personality and Author of the best-selling "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me!"
Dating Expert #10: Scott Holland
Author of the best-selling "How To Overcome Shyness and Find the Woman of Your Dreams"                                                         
Dating Expert #11: Allen "Gun" Reyes
Author of the best-selling ebook "Dynamic Sex Life"

... Considered by many to be in the "who's who" in the Dating & Attraction  Hall of Fame, they had nerves of steel to face up to the challenge and shared one of their most insightful solutions to date in this explosive new book -- arguably the best of its kind to ever be released to the dating community!

An all brand-new material -- fit perfectly for the year 2005! 

Every one of them has been tremendously generous in revealing their 28 most powerful techniques  -- every single tip, strategy, cutting-edge secrets that they know of to instant success with women 

... secrets that 95% of the male population will NEVER EVER know about women -- are here 

I gathered their respective answers, compiled them into separate chapters here for you, inside the pages of this exciting, "one-of-a-kind", ground-breaking compilation handbook.

"Wait A Minute! That's Not All!"

The following highly sought-after dating experts have also shared some of their most in-demand secrets here for you... 

People such as the highly respected:

>> Ms Marina Smiley -- Russian Dating Expert

>> Ms Josie Collins -- Best-selling author of the "Secrets of Internet Dating"

>> John Alanis -- The Undisputed 'King' of Let 'Em Come To You

>> Ms Shelley McMurtry -- The Ultimate Dating Queen

>> Merrill Teemant -- Author of the Best-selling "Dating Ideas Package"

"The GREATEST Collection Of Dating Secrets Ever Compiled!"

Every single one of them provided their own unique and highly creative solution to "The Challenge" -- unlike anything you've ever seen before anywhere else! 

A completely fresh, brand new & 100% original content in its own right, you will quickly...

  • Learn how to easily get women to pick you up -- Realistic, easy-to-do techniques that will have attractive women you don't even know calling you out for dates!
  • Discover what is the one single most powerful thing you can do to become extremely successful at attracting the women you've always wanted, and why almost no men do it.
  • Learn what women REALLY want -- You will discover exactly what women are looking for and how to become the "ideal" guy that practically every woman is desperately searching for (but can't seem to find). You'll be amazed at how many women will start noticing you and go out of their way just to be around you.
  • Learn how to get beautiful, stunning looking women laughing, touching and wanting you within seconds of meeting them.
  • Discover a powerful method that makes women call YOU for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th Date -- a fail-proof method that will get them to hang on every word you say and beg you for more!
  • Learn how to keep the excitement level at 'ecstasy'  point whenever you are with women so that they will constantly crave spending time with you and look forward to each visit with you.
  • Pick up gorgeous looking women without feeling embarrassed. You'll learn exactly what to do and say during the first crucial 60 seconds - without embarrassment!
  • Word for word -- how to 'ask' a girl to go on a date: this one's a guaranteed surefire winner. You can use this over and over again.                                    I personally tried it -- and it works like MAGIC! :-)
  • How you can meet women of the highest quality and make all your friends turn blue with envy -- without having to change one bit about yourself.  
  • Pulverize your shyness around women and have complete control around beautiful women in any situation - be it at the grocery store, at the local cafe or on the dance floor. 

... and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

"As For Internet Dating..."

You'll also be reading about the latest tips on how to quickly master the "internet dating game"... such as: 

  • A step-by-step guide on the do's and don'ts on every stage of your search, from beginning to the end, to ultimately GUARANTEE your success in your campaigns.
  • How to write ads that will attract hordes of beautiful women to your online dating campaign in a jiffy! 
  • A top secret money saving system that will cut your internet dating subscriptions by up to 90%! 
  • A word for word "cut and paste" template: How to find out all you need to know about someone in the first thirty minutes --  If you're sick and tired of getting lied to for several days or weeks worth of chat only to find out that they had misrepresented themselves at the very beginning - you'll love this often overlooked 'secret tip'.  
  • How to get maximum benefits out of your new dating service membership!
  • How to write letters that will get responses 9 out of 10 of the time! 
  • The best instant messages that people WILL respond to almost immediately upon release
  • How to make your 'online date' to fall in love with you even before meeting her in person

... and much, much more! 

"Have YOU Ever Had The Hots For Russian Women?"

I know I had -- many times over!

I personally think that they're one of the sexiest women on earth! 

... But they can also be one of the most 'difficult' women to 'tackle'...

Even so -- that's now a thing of the past... 

Because the beautiful Ms Elena Petrova (the 'mastress' of Russian women) will be teaching you her secrets on...

  • How to understand what Russian women REALLY want, why do they want it, and how you can easily give it to them
  • Every little detail that you must know before approaching any Russian woman of your choice to immediately 'up' your chances of success
  • Exactly what are the biggest turn-offs for Russian women in their relationship with the general male species
  • How to make a striking impression on gorgeous, attractive Russian women and make sure that you will be the only man they can think of
  • Exactly what Russian women fears are and how to quickly deal with them
  • How to secure 'hot' dates specifically with gorgeous Russian women in your internet dating campaigns
  • How to write letters in your internet dating campaigns that will have Russian women begging for you to date them  immediately!

... and so much more!

"You Can Be A Dead Broke, Short, Ugly, Bald, Shy, Fat, Inexperienced Guy AND Still Get YOUR Woman!"

That's right.

You might find it hard to believe but it's all true! 

It does NOT matter whether you're:

  • Broke
  • Too old
  • Ugly
  • Have funny teeth

... Or whatever little 'flaws' you think you might have.

NOT until you've learned what I've learnt from these guys/gals anyway.

I assure you, after going through and applying these 'killer' tips from the '28 Surefire Ways' book, you will have beautiful women literally flocking to you from all four corners of the club, coffee place, your workplace or even the downtown grocery store. 

Just imagine -- anywhere you go, women will be dying for your attention and they have only ONE thing on their minds -- They ONLY want YOU, and the best thing is, they won't even know why!

How cool is that for a change?

"What Happened AFTER I Applied The Strategies They Taught Me..."  

I don't want to make it sound too hype-ish, but honestly... my confidence with women really took off soon after and the 'hot' women not only began to take notice of me -- they were literally fighting amongst themselves to get MY attention

... I just could not believe it!

These stunning women whom I could only fantasize of not long ago were now actually fighting over 

... ME!

Oh my God!

First a few great chats with top women, then a few phone numbers handed over from hot prospects, followed by a few dates and then it happened

... and BOOM!

More women and sex than I could EVER handle!


"It Just Kept Going And Going..."

I was amazed and wondered where it was going to end. 

And all this from the very same guy who just days earlier could not keep a simple woman in the same room. 

Now don't get me wrong -- I'm not trying to brag or boast here. I simply want to make the point and prove to you that these strategies that they teach actually do work.

And almost anyone can replicate it with immediate ease.

Trust me, if someone as 'hopeless' and as 'wussy-like' as I am could do it

... practically ANYONE could do it!

"Secrets Only The TRUE Dating Masters Knows About Success With Women -- They WANT to teach you EVERYTHING they know!"

Imagine having an all-star  team of top dating gurus gathered in your home. 

You have access to them for several days, and one by one, you get the chance to literally "pick their brains" and ask them to share with you exactly how YOU can master the art of successful flirtation and attraction with ANY women of your choice at ANY time!

... You'll know exactly what works and what doesn't, making it easy to apply the same techniques to your own unique dating experience.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here are just a few of the TONS of testimonials I've received:

...Words from a Best-Selling Author Himself....

"Nothing is more important to me than integrity and results.  It's how I built my reputation as a guy who proves himself and his methods publicly and walks the walk. That's why I'm proud to be part of this compilation  

that includes contributions written by several other great authors that I have the highest regards for - Mike Pilinski, Thundercat and Allen Reyes.  You'll find advice here on everything from how to approach women, how to trigger attraction, how to get in the right frame of mind, how to look your sharpest, how and when to get physical, and much, much more.  
I put a lot of time and effort into giving you my most powerful tips and advice in this special collection that includes some of the best minds on dating and seduction.  Imagine having access to this expertise, at your fingertips whenever you wish.  Get this eBook now, and use it IMMEDIATELY!"

-- Michael W

... It lets YOU compare multiple approaches to dating at once!"

"What can I say...
You are a crazy guy who did a crazy thing... how on earth did you came up with this idea??
Words cannot describe my feelings.

The 'Instant Dating Success' is absolutely FANTASTIC!! Each single dating book on the Internet reflects the personality of its author - what worked for them may not work for you... one has to read at least half a dozen of those books to get the feeling of what is "universally workable" and what is "strictly personal" to this author. 

The 'Instant Dating Success' lets you compare multiple approaches to dating at once! The book deserves its title - if your love life does not improve with this knowledge, nothing else will ever help you!"

-- Elena Petrova

"... This is unparalleled as THE dating resource of the decade..."

"What an e-book!!!

As one of the world’s top dating authors writing today, I have to say that this is unparalleled as THE dating resource of the DECADE. 

I wouldn’t contribute to just anything and I am extremely selective in my partnerships. I get many offers every week but I chose this opportunity to contribute along with the world’s finest dating authors to provide the ultimate guide in dating techniques and advice. And it works!

I am absolutely delighted with this dating e-book and no-where will you find such a comprehensive, thick and meaty and detailed dating guide as here. I would heartily recommend this fabulous e-book to everyone currently dating or looking to date.

Every major dating tip in one place from the best dating writers on the web – look no further, this is the book for you!!"

 -- Ian McNeice


"... No where else have I been able to find writings and input from some of the best and most knowledgeable dating and seduction gurus in the world!"

"This is, hands down, one of the best manuals on dating for men that I have ever seen. 

It covers the all the bases from what to wear, to how to act, and when to pull out all the stops and just go for it! It is also the most comprehensive. No where else have I been able to find writings and input from some of  the best and most knowledgeable dating and seduction gurus in the world!

And though I'm a contributor to the book, I learned a great deal from reading it myself. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to improve their love life. Don't waste another minute and get this book today!"

-- Thundercat

"He's already got 2 dates lined up in 3 days!"

"Yo, Simon. 
Loved your book! Guess what?? I've already got 2 dates lined up 3 days from now! And these girls man you should've seen them... hot, hot stuff! hehe... and I owe it all to the book! Excellent material you got there and Carlos, Ian and Mike's chapters were pure genius! 
Now I can't wait to try the other tips on the girls later tonight... I still can't believe this is happening to me wooo hoooh! Thanks dude."

-- Peter Jones, AU

"Hot chicks are now asking him out for dates!"

"...Thank you thank you thank you YOU the man! I'm not gonna' lie to you bro, I was extremely skeptical when I saw your site online but it turned out to be one of my best investments in a dating book I don't think I've seen anything like this book sold anywhere else! 

I used to have sweaty palms and acted like a complete idiot when I'm with hot chicks. I just don't know what to say or do whenever I meet them! But you know what's really cool? These 'chicks' are now the ones asking ME out for dates! Hah! Can you believe that? Once again THANK YOU your book changed my life!"

-- Adrian L, NY

"You will become a magnet so powerful that even the most arrogant Perfect 10s will get turned on and throw themselves at you in a snap!"

You'll learn how to approach virtually ANY women; from the average 5s up to the very top perfect 10s ANYTIME and get them to crave for you, fantasize about you AND cling to you like bees to honey - even if you're the ultimate shy guy! 

These are outrageous claims, I know. 

But I am 110% confident that the breakthrough methods and techniques you'll learn from this handbook will ultimately land you the girls you've always wanted, enjoying the company of the finest females around and experiencing the best sex you've ever dreamed off -- GUARANTEED!

These are 'never-before-revealed' hidden secrets only known by the true dating experts who have personally studied and taken the time to test them in real-life conditions under the most tricky female situations.

"So how do you learn to be grossly successful with women and get them to crave and lust for you?"

Well, in many ways, it is the exact same way as you learn everything else; how to drive a car, how to play a musical instrument, or how to play football. Through having:

  >> The right mentor

   >> The right information

   >>  And lots of practice, practice AND practice!

The top two crucial ingredients of what you'll need to be successful with ALL women has already been covered here...

-- You've got 17 of the best dating mentors anyone can only dream of having, each known across the nation for their outstanding success with dating & attraction techniques

... PLUS over 320+ pages filled with time-tested, real world proven techniques that they have personally used to help the many thousands of "clueless" men all across the planet! 

What more could you ask for?

What the 'Master' of Seduction, Mike Pilinski had to say about it...

"Hey Simon,

I just wanted to let you know how much your "28 Surefire Ways" e-book totally rocks!
It was genius to gather together the collective wisdom of some of the best dating and seduction writers out there on the Internet and put them all under one BIG tent.  I was afraid this project might turn into a lot of teasing and fluff designed to get readers to buy our individual books, but man was I wrong -- this thing is overflowing with great ideas and solid instruction from every writer.  I love the 28 tips format too, it worked to keep every "guru" right on-track with his advice.
Each author has their own unique style which makes for a very refreshing and interesting read, plus their expertise all seems to flow in slightly different directions, so you get a complete examination of the topic from all angles.  Some focus on technique, others more on the inner game inside your head, some on online dating, others on working the bars... all bring a very different perspective to the subject.  Even the chapter by Elena Petrova about finding a Russian wife over the net was interesting.  I doubt I'll ever travel quite THAT far to get laid, but the topic was fascinating to read about and cleared up a lot of the misconceptions I used to have.  Heck, I might even have to poke around on some of those Ruskie sites now and see what's going on over there!
I loved the chapters by Carlos Xuma, "Thundercat", Clayton Eugene (who is very brilliant at online dating tactics and obviously plays the game with his head) and especially Allen "Gun" Reyes who is a terrific free-thinker and just had loads of fresh ideas about this subject that I'd never thought of before.  28 Ways also provides readers with a great way to sample the style and slant of each of these authors to make it easier for them to choose which one of their books they might want to buy.
I am now in complete information overload merely from skipping around and reading bits and pieces of everyone's contribution.  "28 Surefire Ways" is more than a book, it's a friggin' college course in seduction and dating... I should be able to claim at least 3 liberal arts credits for studying this thing!  When's the Final?  ;-)
You herded a lot of stray cats into one big pen, and it's been really cool to watch them work."

 -- Mike Pilinski
Author "Without Embarrassment"


John the 'King' has this to say...

"There's an old saying that goes, 'School's never out for the pro.' When it comes to dating, relationships, and understanding women, I've found that to

be truer than ever before, whether you simply want to engage in casual relationships or meet and KEEP the woman of your dreams.

I'm always amazed when someone asks me, 'John, should I buy your product, or someone else's?' That question reveals them to be a rank amateur, because the correct answer is, 'you should get them ALL.' That answer is true whether you want to be successful in business or successful with women. You never know when someone else's point of view can open up the floodgates to success, truly a 'little hinge that swings a big door.' 

Mr. Heong's Instant Dating Success is chock full of these 'little hinges' and one of them is sure to 'swing a big door' for you. This is a 'must have' for any man who is truly serious about being successful with women."

-- John Alanis, The King of Let 'em Come to You

"... This is basically THE encyclopedia of picking up women, male to female psychology, dating, mating and contemplating..."

"When you first contacted me to be a part of this book I was skeptical to

say the least. I love writing seduction and sharing knowledge in any way I can though, and assumed even if the compilation was a flop it would at least get my material out to a few new people.

I underestimated this idea though and the book turns out to be fantastic with a lot of respected folk in the community involved. I already had enjoyed Mike Pilinski, Michael W and Thundercats materials and websites, but wasn't even aware of some of this other material. 

While long, the length of the book is made up for in the fact that you will inside of it find everything and anything that is available to be found, technique, tips, tactics, mindsets,"Game" wise net wide. This is basically THE encyclopedia of picking up women, male to female psychology, dating, mating and contemplating. 

Awesome product that can cut down on search time for a guy wanting to know all angles on this craft. As Elena said it may take a guy 12 books worth of time and money to get a sense of the "meat" of what always works and what is strictly personal to the author, this book cuts out that sort of "overwhelm" beginners state."

-- Allen 'Gun' Reyes

"Keep Your Eyes Glued To This Page!"

As you'll read about the most updated and mind-boggling dating techniques in each of these areas:

  • The ultimate 'killer' technique that anyone can use to turn a female 'friend' into your most passionate lover instantly
  • How to immediately get the woman of your choice into an 'intimate' mindset even if its the first time you're meeting her
  • Learn when, where and 'how' to touch her to awaken her sexual attraction towards you through 'strategic touching' (you've got to check this out..) 
  • How to 'talk' your way to a woman's heart -- Learn how to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it
  • How to master the 'eye-contact' game with women and get them to feel an instant attraction for you in just seconds...
  • How to get beautiful topless dancers to approach and flirt with you and drive her insane with intense desire for you
  • What are the two biggest mistakes that 95% of the male population will always make to immediately turn a woman off upon the first 5 minutes of meeting them
  • Word for word: How to communicate REAL seductively to any woman... (this tip alone will get their hearts pounding uncontrollably & 'ignite' an instant craving and desire for you in minutes!...)
  • Learn how to read women's body language - One of the most powerful attraction techniques (definitely one of my favorite ones!)

... and STILL that's not all!

"Never again will you be the guy that attractive women will ignore -- Use these techniques and immediately get women to fight for YOUR attention and desperately drool over you in the next 48 hours -- Guaranteed!"

That's why, in the "28 Surefire Ways To Instant Dating Success Handbook," you'll also discover:

  • How to “position” yourself so that all the the alluring women of your choice will compete for your attention and not the other way around
  • What NOT to do in the company of all women. These things usually happen “unconsciously” -- most men don’t even realize they are doing it. Discover these simple things that have been holding you back and watch as your success rate with women will quadruple in size! 
  • How to be 100% sure when a girl is attracted to you -- practical tips from a gorgeous woman herself
  • How to easily "up" your self image, improve your dressing and groom yourself at once  so that you can attract the ladies and have the confidence to meet women in any situation.
  • The ultimate list of the best places to meet tremendously 'receptive' women... 
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-- Just In! The Newest Reviews --

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"I have been separated from my now ex-wife of 14 years for a year now and recently met this woman who brought me to my knees.  I was scared to death to ask her out.  I read your book and was still afraid but we work in similar jobs and see each other from time to time.  I knew that she was sending me the signals.  I went to talk to her the other evening and we talked for about three hours.  

I had to leave because of my job and as I was walking out she asked me out.  Yea!!!! I guess it was from confidence I gained in my attitude from just reading the book, the book made me more confident and more relaxed around her.  Thanks"

Don M, Anonymous

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"I think your tips are great, every tact and trick I have just read is exactly how I treat a women and I can concur that it really works............. Everyone should take note, especially what's been written about eye contact. In my opinion eye contact is one of the most controlling and intimidating techniques to use as most people especially females have difficulty keeping eye contact.

But yeah great tips, every man must read this, but then again that means less women for people like you and me who already know how it goes. (ha ha)"

CG Chris
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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As you can see I am a girl and frankly I bought your book out of curiosity just to see what's what's the fuss all about  I'm about halfway through now and you know its been quite an experience! In fact it shocks me how well the stuff here has been written about women! I should be the last one to admit this, but I had guys trying some of what have been taught here and I've fallen for their 'tricks' before or whatever guys might call it haha

I will be finishing the book soon, there's soooo much to read, but all in all great tips you have in here the authors have been very smart to have come up with such techniques of their own. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any guy who wants to be GREAT with the girls!"

Michelle S

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